iPod Nano Product assessment; proper things do come in Small programs

The ultra slim iPod Nano is not much larger than more than one credit playing cards set quit to give up and about as huge as a pencil. when the iPod Nano was first proven in a excessive tech gadget website, nobody even believed it was real, how ought to it be, in which become the battery? How ought to that little issue keep any songs in it? most notion it become merely some other Apple gimmick, no longer so, the iPod Nano is genuinely and yes it is truly cool. most personal tech writers are giving it the primary prize for the 2005 finest device.The iPod Nano has two configurations; the 2 gigabyte model which keep 500 songs and the four gigabyte model which holds 1,000 songs. Of path for this degree of performance is the sort of small tool, nicely lets just say you will ought to pay the charge. The down dirty model is $199.00 and the fees go up from there. The iPod Nano is as thin as a pencil and as powerful as juke field.How small is it? Very small; only 3 and a 1/2 inches with the aid of an inch and a 1/2 and the width of a range of two pencil. And get this it simplest weighs 1.five ounces. however don’t lose it, as some thing that small is sure to wander off. The lcd custom display screen is also about the coolest factor you ever saw, it’s miles very bright and one and a half of inches.The battery life of this factor is over 12 hours and the brand new Apple Patented click on wheel makes it extremely smooth to apply. The iPod Nano also has all of the ports and docking connectors had to combine it just like you would any other iPod. let’s face it you want this to get via 2006.